Mach3 by Artsoft is the program I use to control my Taig CNC Milling Machine and 7x12 Mini Lathe.
This site is under new construction and there's not much here yet.

Digitizing Probe Pages: - The TetraProbe digitizing probe. - Test scan of a 25-cent piece.

Downloads: - Plans and other files for download.

Mini Lathe Pages: - The 7x10, 7x12 and 7x14 Sieg C2 mini lathes. - Buy a one pulse per revolution interrupter disc for the C2 type mini lathes (27mm spindle).

Taig Mill Pages: - Pictures of the Taig Vertical Mill

TetraLite Products Pages: - TetraLite Kites. Free plans for ultra-lightweight, multi-cell, collapsible tetrahedral kites. - TetraMouse. A mouth-operated dual joystick mouse for people who cannot use their hands. - TetraLite Products. Just a placeholder website for now.